Guard Services

Aguilar Security Inc. provides uniformed guard services at competitive rates.

Aguilar Security Inc. offers both armed and unarmed guards to meet your needs.

Guard clients include:


Business Parks

Commercial Properties

Construction sites

Government buildings


Shopping Centers

Trucking companies

Transportation centers

Utility Companies


Foot Patrol Service (Standard):

The Foot Patrol Service is normally used with the driven patrols. There are often points in a property’s geography and architecture that do not allow for vehicle access. In this case a foot patrol is necessary in order to completely cover the property and examine all of the areas that could possible harbor problems. These areas could include dumpster enclosures, laundry facilities, hallways or mezzanines, dense landscaping, irrigation system malfunctions, broken or damaged security lights or other problems. The Officer(s) will be required to walk the property and list any issues they may encounter while on their patrol. These issues will then be categorized and sent to the Property Management Company on a weekly basis unless otherwise requested. If serious problems occur during the patrol, the Property Management Company will be notified immediately. 

By integrating this service with a drive through patrol service, this has proven to be the most effective method by which a Property Management Company can learn about any issues on that property. Other than fixed Officers, this is by far the best method to keep close watch on your investment.

Fixed Security Officer Units (Standard):

This service offers both armed and unarmed services. This service places multiple Officers in multiple locations in or on your facility. These Officers will not be equipped with a Sidearm. They will however be equipped with Pepper Spray, a Baton, Flashlight(s), and Handcuffs. We understand that armed services are not always necessary especially in low risk areas where few problems have been encountered. These Officers are an excellent choice for access control points and control room operations. These Officers are always reinforced by their armed patrol counterparts and supervisors. In most cases we do not recommend these services for patrol services. Due to the increased risk of solo contact these Officers are best reserved for special occasions such as weddings or parties where there will be multiple of these officers on the same location.

Construction Site Patrol Service (Standard):

Construction sites have long proved a problem for Security Companies and the Construction Contractors. Aguilar Security Incorporated responded to this problem by including three of our services in this service. Our Construction Site Patrol Service is an armed service. Because of the often remote locations and the very expensive equipment at these sites, they are often prime targets for theft and vandalism. Compounding this is the fact that only Security is often a pad lock on a gate and the sites are unmonitored during idle hours. This leaves the equipment, tools and any vehicles open for theft and damage. This theft and damage increases construction costs and depending on the extent of the damage could create delays in the schedules. We were highly concerned because the remote locations are unmonitored. This allows the thieves and vandals to feel as if they can pilfer these sites successfully and repeatedly with little or no consequences, plus because of the long reaction time from Law Enforcement it makes these sites an even more inviting target.  

This service includes a driven patrol, foot patrol and a fixed security unit. This means that one Security Officer is patrolling the site at all times and then returning to a fixed point on the construction site to monitor the location for any signs of theft or vandalism. We take this service very seriously because we know your equipment on these sites is your investment. 

Special Event Service (By Request Only):

Like our transportation service this service is by request only. This is the service most often used for weddings, games, dances and things of that nature. This service required a minimum of 15 business days advanced notice. This service may require special staffing and site survey in order to provide adequate Security for the event. This service is mainly a modification of our Construction Site Patrol Service. On this service we use multiple Offices doing many tasks, parking patrol, foot patrol, access control, and security checkpoints, are just a few of the examples that may apply to this service.

This service request is normally not used for a permanent operation. In the event you are looking for a more permanent solution of this nature you may wish to look at our “Fixed Security Officer Units” brief. This service may be more effective for your specific application.

Service Summary:

Any of these services that are listed “Standard” can be tailored to your specific sites and your needs. If there is a service that you desire that is not listed in this portfolio please feel free to ask. However, as with any business there are services that we are just not equipped to handle. In this event we will be happy to do the research for you and give you the contact information. Aguilar Security Incorporated does not subcontract such services. We find it is much better if we give you the appropriate information and you operate with that company directly.

All prices are subject to change. We will do our very best to keep our price lists current and up-to-date. All of our customers will be notified in writing or via e-mail of any changes as they occur. General notification of rate changes will be notified 30 days before the effective date(s). In the event a notification cannot be given 30 days before the new rate, our current customers will be pro-rated based on the days remaining in their billing cycle. In either event our customers will be notified immediately of the rate changes. 

As mentioned above some of the “By Request” services will have extra charges. These charges apply based on fuel expenses and the distance to the event. All of our “By Request” services will require the initial payment to be “Due and Payable” upon the requested date of service. Because these services are considered to be a special request, they will require advanced notice for staffing and coordination.

We hope this Service Portfolio has assisted you in the selection of the service(s) you desire. We felt this was necessary to help our customers understand that we are not like many of the other Security Companies that are on the market today. This is our way of helping our customers understand exactly what we are doing. Thank you for your support.