Independent Monitoring Service

This service we extend to any client or customer who wishes to have this service executed. This service monitors your current security company. If you have doubts that your current security company is doing their job properly, there is a good possibility you could be right. Often the larger security companies will place “Problem Guards” on their patrol service rosters. These guards are given a specific patrol route and a specific time to complete the route. Often the guards will start taking short-cuts to complete their routes early or the slower guards will do this to complete their routes on time. 

This often creates a problem because you are being billed for patrols that are not being done. There is really no way to monitor this on a consistent basis unless you are willing to follow them around to your properties and watch them doing their jobs or in most cases not doing their jobs. Normally your first indicators will be either maintenance costs increasing due to vandalism and theft, or your tenants will complain about the lack of security and the increase in crime in their area.

We will video tape and follow the security patrols on your property while they are “doing their jobs.” We will remain unnoticed and out of contact of the other company. In many cases we will even photograph the Guard for you so you know exactly which person is not doing their job properly. We are the only Security Company that offers this service. If you are getting billed for a service you are not receiving you should not have to pay for that service. This Independent Monitoring Service may give you the evidence you need to change contracts to a company that actually supplies you with the service you requested.

This service will require a per request charge, this fee gets you 30 days, (consecutive) of monitoring. All of the video and photographs are your property, and you may select the nights you would like us to monitor for you. You may also select a complete 30 day window, including monthly overlap, (30 days from date request to same date in the following month). This fee is due and payable upon request of service. We will require all current information of the service you are currently receiving and their estimated patrol schedule.

Service Summary:

Any of these services that are listed “Standard” can be tailored to your specific sites and your needs. If there is a service that you desire that is not listed in this portfolio please feel free to ask. However, as with any business there are services that we are just not equipped to handle. In this event we will be happy to do the research for you and give you the contact information. Aguilar Security Incorporated does not subcontract such services. We find it is much better if we give you the appropriate information and you operate with that company directly.

All prices are subject to change. We will do our very best to keep our price lists current and up-to-date. All of our customers will be notified in writing or via e-mail of any changes as they occur. General notification of rate changes will be notified 30 days before the effective date(s). In the event a notification cannot be given 30 days before the new rate, our current customers will be pro-rated based on the days remaining in their billing cycle. In either event our customers will be notified immediately of the rate changes. 

As mentioned above some of the “By Request” services will have extra charges. These charges apply based on fuel expenses and the distance to the event. All of our “By Request” services will require the initial payment to be “Due and Payable” upon the requested date of service. Because these services are considered to be a special request, they will require advanced notice for staffing and coordination.

We hope this Service Portfolio has assisted you in the selection of the service(s) you desire. We felt this was necessary to help our customers understand that we are not like many of the other Security Companies that are on the market today. This is our way of helping our customers understand exactly what we are doing. Thank you for your support.